Hagan Tractor Parts Engine Remanufacturing Process

We, at Hagan Tractor Parts, realize that you have options when it comes to purchasing a remanufactured engine for your tractor.  Our remanufacturing process reflects the quality workmanship of our engines.  We offer a 90-day warranty on all remanufactured components that we well.

Unlike many companies, we remanufacture these engines ourselves, in-house.  This allows us to control every step of the remanufacturing process.


If you have any questions about our remanufacturing process, please give us a call

at 800-365-0602.  We would love to tell you about our engines!!


Remanufacturing Process Details
  • All of our engines are remanufactured with new piston and liner assemblies
  • All of our engines are remanufactured with new rod and main bearings
  • We use all new cam and wrist pin bushings.
  • All engines are built with a reground crank that is not turned more than .020/.020
  • Additionally, the crankshaft will be checked out on the Rockwell Hardness C Scale.
  • All remanufactured engines have a reground crankshaft
  • The oil pump will be remanufactured with new pressure relief and new springs.
  • All engines are build with a remanufactured rocker arm assembly.
  • The injection pump and injectors will also be remanufactured.
  • All engines will be built with a new, aftermarket water pump.
  • The engine block will be remanufactured.  All blocks are done in house!
  • All used parts will be inspected.  If flaws are found, they will be replaced.
  • All complete engines are test ran for 1-3 hours.
  • A specification sheet will be kept on file for every engine built at Hagan Tractor Parts.
  • Complete engines are provided less fan, flywheel, starter, or alternator.
  • Turbo engines will be sold less turbo.
  • All remanufactured components come with a 90-day warranty from the date of shipment.